Boca Raton Veterinarian

Vet to Boca Pets

Dr. Malernee has been practicing veterinarian medicine in Palm Beach County for more than 30 years.  Pet owners in Boca Raton and Delray Beach chose Dr. Malernee as their vet because of:

  • His commitment to high quality, cost effective medical care;
  • His convenient office hours and 24/7 emergency services;
  • His two office locations, close to patients in east and west Boca Raton;

High Quality Care Saves Lives - and Money

Dr. Malernee practices evidence-based medicine.  Evidence-based medicine requires that any drugs given or procedures performed on your Boca pet have been proven scientifically effective.

Many people assume all vets practice this type of medicine, but they don’t.  This type of medicine requires vets to stay extremely current on the latest research. It also means they have to give up profitable-but-unnecessary practices, such as giving certain types of vaccinations.  Evidence-based medicine saves lives – and money.

Convenient Hours, Locations for Boca Raton pets

Dr. Malernee is one of the few Palm Beach County vets who offer emergency services 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  If your Boca dog or Boca cat is injured or sick, you can’t afford to wait for advice. Dr. Malernee can help you right away.

For your convenience, Dr. Malernee also sees Boca Raton pets for regular appointments seven days a week.  He has two offices, one located just east of Congress Avenue off Atlantic Avenue, close to patients on the east side of Boca. The other is close to west Boca pets, located off of 441 south of Atlantic Avenue.