Services - Boca Raton Veterinarian

Office Visit

Our exams range from $20 to $50, plus the cost of treatments.  We have the most competitive rates in Palm Beach County. Before your appointment, please email your questions and your Boca Raton pet’s medical history to us.

Emergency Services

Dr. Malernee is available at all hours, every day of the week, to see your sick or injured Boca Raton pet. The cost of an emergency visit starts at $100, plus the cost of any treatment.


Although we offer several vaccines, we do not believe all vaccines on the market are necessary. In fact, some can endanger your Boca pet and cost you money better spent on medical care that works. Learn more about vaccine dangers and our commitment to evidence-based medicine.


Chemical neutering is available for $50. 


Go on vacation with peace of mind, knowing your Boca Raton dog or cat is safe and happy in our clean kennel facility.  Or, if you have a pet that demands the utmost in pampering, ask about our cage-less boarding, available for a special fee.


Let our trained groomers bathe, detangle and cut your prized pooch’s pelt to your exact specifications.


Dr. Malernee has all the technology needed to test and properly diagnose your Boca Raton dog or cat.


We offer C-sections, lump removals, declawing, ear cropping and other procedures as part of our surgical practice. We also offer a FREE second opinion on orthopedic surgery recommendations.  Research now shows that many expensive orthopedic procedures are ineffective. 


Dogs and cats need dental care, too!  Don’t let your Boca Raton pet live with the pain of decaying teeth and inflamed, infected gums.